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Accessories and maintenance
1) The electrode pads and output cables can be replaced, and they can be purchased at the stores and retailers who distribute the products.
2) If you need to repair the host or purchase accessories, please contact the purchase of shopping malls or retailers. If you are purchasing this product at the trade fair, please contact your local dealer or distributor. If you do not have an agent, you can also order directly with the manufacturer.
3) The host free warranty period of one year, to provide free maintenance services, the user please provide the date of purchase to complete the instructions or warranty receipt.
4) non-warranty regulations within the scope of the warranty period or have to be repaired, only the cost of work.
National after-sales service hotline: 488-830-5551
The following for personal reasons caused by the failure, will not provide free warranty service:
1) users or unauthorized units unauthorized disassembly, modification of products caused by failure
2) the use of accidentally beat, fall caused by the failure
3) the host water

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